The wood we use for our barrels originates in the Center of France (Allier, Nièver, Cher) as well as in the Vosges massif where the timber forests are over 200 years old.
Splitting the wood along its grain is a sure guarantee for obtaining high quality staves.
An 18-month exposure to relatively rough climate throughout the seasons allows the wood fibers to contract and to rid them of impurities and most of the tannins. Six months of air-drying in a vented shelter complete the natural drying process of the wood.


The parts are assembled with dowels made of acacia wood or stainless steel, and each joint is lined with a sheet of river reed that has been carefully cut and thoroughly dried.
Heating, bending and toasting are carried out entirley over a wood fire, without using any chemical steam or gas.
Long heating periods, approximately 70 minutes in the brazier at decreasing heat intensity, allow a toasting to the core without resulting in excessive charring.



Une méthode ancestrale pour un apport aromatique subtil et indispensable aux grands vins

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